About EH! SIDE

EH! SIDE Music was launched (circa 2010) in effort to create exposure and secondary revenue streams for Canadian independent artists/bands

  • Canada’s Hottest Music & Hippest Artists

    …at EH! you will find current, dynamic & hip music from upcoming indie bands and artists for use over film, TV, video games or live and in colour at your next installation or even

  • Experienced Music Supervisors

    We say experienced, but we really mean – RAD. EH! SIDE music supervisors meet all client requests with the appropriate targeted music quickly and efficiently. We also like to attend concerts, schmooze and buy drinks – what’s your poison?

  • Canada’s Indie Pre-licensed Music Database

    EH! ‘s music database: The Tape Deck, is your one-stop shop for all your music placement needs. Our state of the art player and search engine allows you to search, listen and download desired cues instantly

  • Premium Indie Label Representation

    Take advantage of EH!’s cultivated relationships with carefully selected Canadian indie labels & music publishers – well, if “carefully” means handshakes at concerts while crowd surfing or in a mosh pit … that’s what we mean.

  • Fair Trade Music

    EH! artists do not pay a single red cent (after screening) to place their music within the Tape Deck and we split all profit from a single use license, 50/50 or “equally” or “right down the middle” or “mezza mezza” … you catch our drift, we’re no fare – fair.

  • Not Just a Music Library

    Take advantage of EH!’s roster of the who’s who of the industry’s best in class composers. We can muster up custom compositions or rejig existing ones…

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